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Monthly Archives: November 2014

November 2014 Newsletter

urchinDear friends,

Happy Halloween!  I am loving this fall weather!!!

Every month I will be asking the Keepers of the Akashic Records what we can expect in terms of the energy of the month ahead and what we can do to best harness and navigate through that energy.

Please feel free to share this with your friends and family. It will also be posted on my Facebook page, Conscious Transitions and websitewww.conscioustransitionsastrology.com
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The month of November will feel like a reprieve from all the confusing energies and all the letting go of the past from last month. Last month might’ve felt like a roller coaster ride for most of you. One minute you were up and the next minute sinking into the lowest low. This coming month brings clarity and joy. The joy of knowing where life is taking you and what a wonderful ride is ahead. With that comes a very grounding sense of peace. It’s all going to work out for your highest good. Especially with the path becoming more clear, as though a weight or a veil has been lifted from our psyche.  Like getting a peek at what’s next for us …and it feels good!!!!
It will serve us best to start keeping a gratitude journal…writing in it at least once a day the things you’re grateful for. This will increase your flow of abundance. It will also serve you to stay grounded by meditating with the intention of having clarity and seeing the Truth about any situation that we are facing. Sitting if even a few times a week and just breathing. You can set a timer for at least 10 minutes with your intention on seeing the Truth of any situation. Also eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, and exercise to remove any blocks in our bodies.

P.S.   Trust

We always know what’s best for us in our heart of hearts ….but how well do we trust it?
Often, in our attempts to get clarity in our lives we consult our coworkers, friends, families etc. And often confuse ourselves even further.  Everyone sees life through their own lens of everything that is happened to them, not necessarily what our experiences have been or what we value. Yet, how often do we make them the authority on our lives.  Trusting ourselves is a scary thing! What if we fail?  Then who would we blame….right?  But what if what we ‘learned’ through what we perceived as our failure/painful experiences was the very thing we needed to succeed the next time!  Can we trust that there is a Higher plan for us…….
I challenge you to try this…. For the next two weeks have the intention of allowing your Higher self to lead you and just follow your first instinct or the first thing you hear.  See where it leads you….
If this makes you nervous here’s a little prayer that might help you feel clear about your choices.

Dear(Whomever you pray to)
Please help me clearly hear, see, feel, and know the Divine guidance that I have asked and prayed for. Allow me to keep my ego out of the way so that your wisdom can come streaming through me…..For my own benefit and for those around me.

Please let me know if you are led to some amazing in miraculous situations in your life:)


I will be at the Sacred Stone Gallery in Redondo Beach doing intuitive readings on November 1 from 1 to 430. 20 minute sessions. You can contact me for an appointment 310-567-0243 or email itemesy@mac.com

I also do private readings over the phone or in person.  310 567 0243 or itemesy@mac.com

I will also be doing my very popular workshop, The Joy of Living you Dream…. Vision Board workshop. On Sunday, November 9th at the Center for Spiritual Living on 907 Knob Hill, Redondo Beach from 1230 to 230pm.
Vision boards are a visual tool to help us manifest our dreams! During the workshop you will learn and create your own personal vision board.
Bring a friend and spend the afternoon creating your future.
$15 before November 9
$20 at the door

Many blessings,

August 2014 Newsletter

concheHi Everyone,

I hope everyone is enjoying this amazing summer.

Just wanted to let you know that every month I will be asking the Keepers of the Akashic Records what we can expect in terms of the energy of the month ahead of us and what we can do to best harness and navigate through that energy.

Please feel free to share this with your friends and family.  It will also be posted on my Face Book Page Conscious Transitions and website www.conscioustransitionsastrology.com
I also do private readings.  You can email me for an appointment.


This month start off with a very playful energy.  Its a month for us to connect to our inner child. Doing all those things that make us feel playful.  Fill your cup with fun activities, outings and family and friends.  It will be especially great if you can spend time with children…we can learn a lot from them!

It’s a sense of ‘Its Summer” so let’s enjoy this wonderful weather and get outside.  If you live near a lake or ocean make it a point to partake in some water sports or just being in close proximity to it will give you that sense of relaxation and enjoyment.

It will best serve you to get out connect with the people nearest and dearest to you and move your body…..dance, walk, run, skip and create joy within and around you.

And ask your yourself everyday….what makes ME happy?    And just go do it!!!!

Sorry I did not get this out at the very beginning of the month as was my intention.  I was having to much fun to sit at my computer to write this…..but I promise to do better next month:)

As for me and perhaps this might be you….I asked myself today…What will make me happy today?  And the answer came back “a clean home” …not what I wanted to hear!  But I carved out my afternoon so that I could spend some time cleaning and organizing my things and you know what …it felt great  to look around my home and everything was in its place and clean!!!   Ahhh happiness… not always how you expect it!!!  But I invite you to ask yourself …..

Many Blessing,

Ivette Temesy
conscious transitions
intuitive counseling
310 567 0243

phone (310) 567-0243


Channeled Reading

Channeled Reading

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