The Path of Light…
Awakening the Voice
of Your Soul.

February 25th and March 3rd
7:00p.m. to 8:30p.m.

Join us for this enlightening two part series on psychic development.
In the first class, we will learn what it means to be psychic…. our natural born gift. How our bodies receive and integrate information and how to uncover blocks that prevent us from fully opening up to our psychic abilities. We will also learn tools that I have learned and developed to help open up to our awareness.

In the second class, we will be integrating and refining these tools with some fun and interactive games designed to further tap into our awareness.

*To be psychic we must be willing to do the work and walk through the gates of the ordinary world into the extraordinary world. This is not for everyone, but I promise that for those who dare to take responsibility and transform their lives, they live beautiful and connected lives in the flow of Love, Joy and Abundance…. The Path of Light

at: The Remedy Pharm
23811 Hawthorne Blvd. Torrance 90505
cost for 2 day workshop… $70.00 or $35 per class

35.00 Aura Clearing


Mini Aura Clearings

Sstarting this Sunday at Sage Goddess. Sage Goddess is a beautiful store located in Torrance.
3830 Del Amo Blvd., Torrance, 90503
From 3 to 530pm
15 minute aura clearing for $30
Energy Healing
The body is a self repairing living entity that possesses the ability to heal itself. Allow me to be the vehicle through which your energetic body is cleansed of all that is no longer useful in order to promote healing. The process is accelerated by increasing this life force (prana) that is available from the sun, air and ground to address and balance physical and emotional imbalances.This is a very powerful and effective system of energy healing