Hope everyone enjoyed their summer. Even though the weather still feels like summer, fall is here! Hope you caught the total lunar eclipse this past weekend. The energy sure was intense this weekend!

Every month I will be asking the Keepers of the Akashic Records what we can expect in terms of the energy of the month ahead and what we can do to best harness and navigate our lives in alignment with the energies.

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October 2015

There will be many changes in the air this October. Many of you will see much of humanity pulling together. No longer will it be OK to take the attitude of me and only me. There will be many opportunities this October to think of others, reach out and be generous towards one another. Man is not an island we are all linked together, what happens to one is felt by all.

Many will experience a powerful heart opening this October. This will not be an easy thing for some. It will serve us not to resist the changes. This wave of change is designed to open our hearts in a beautiful way. Go with it! Tell your mind to take a break and follow what your heart wants instead. Do not let fear get the better of you. You will find peace, clarity and sweet love will be the beautiful outcome of all this change. Enjoy the ride!

Food for thought… Low-calorie of course

God as a Verb…
What if we thought of God/Source/Universe or Higher Power (whatever your preferred name for God) as a “Verb”
God as a noun puts God outside of ourselves. A place of disconnect from who we really are. And because our minds cannot truly comprehend what God is, we then give God human attributes such as Mother, Father, judgmental, punishing, wrath … etc.
When we choose to view God as also a Verb we start to better understand that God is also an action. A Power, a Force that moves through us, for us and as us. We activate that Power/Force within us with our beliefs, thoughts, feeling, actions and most importantly Love. Therefore, we are in the drivers seat of all our experiences.
Isn’t it time we started taking responsibility and be more mindful of what we are believing, thinking, feeling and acting upon because everything that we have experienced or will experience we have co-created with this Power/Force called God.


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