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May 2016
The energies of May 2016 are like that of a butterfly. All the stages that a caterpillar undergoes to become a butterfly….. We have as a collective consciousness, since the year 2012, like the Catapillar have been going through a metamorphosis. For most of us, if we look back there have been many challenges. But take heart, that it was all designed to make us stronger, create more awareness, in many cases wake us up to what really matters and emerge in a new Light… A very different and new way of Being.
In the coming month of May, we will be ready like the butterfly that emerges from his cocoon, not always an easy process, to take flight! We might be wobbly at first, not used to our wings but trust that you are ready. By the middle of the month be prepared to finally soar.  Spread your wings and show the world who you really are. The stronger more aware and filled with a sense of possibility …YOU!
It will serve us to just allow this natural process to occur. Nothing we need to do other than Trust that it is happening. Also, get outside in nature as often as you can.  And Breath.

Food for thought……low calorie of course
An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it is going to lunch you to something great. Just focus and keep aiming.

Mini Aura Clearings and energizing
Sunday May 8th, May 15th and May 22nd  from 3pm to 530pm

I will be at Sage Goddess doing mini aura clearings and energizing.
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