mermaid-iconI highly recommend getting a reading with her. She is wonderful

Working with Ivette was a very powerful and liberating experience for me. She is very compassionate, neutral and intuitive in her approach. She gave direct answers to my questions. I felt that the ascended masters were speaking directly through her. She mentioned things that she could not have know which were extremely liberating for me. Above all, she is very positive and encouraging. I highly recommend getting a reading with her. She is wonderful.
Michael Denney (practicing Shaman and Intuitive counselor)

urchinA Relevatory Experience

My reading with Ivette was a relevatory experience! She honed in on my life with precision edged accuracy, providing clarity on numerous issues. She not only foretold my future possibilities she also provided light into my shadows; places within myself that I needed to address in moving forward. Her great insight was truly transformative. I felt Ivette’s in depth study of my astrology chart clarified the the foundation of my life and who I am inherently, giving me tools to now consciously follow “the map”. The Akashic records information she so clearly imparted to me were like the golden keys to finding the treasures within my map! Thank you Ivette for truly opening the doors to my awareness of and trust in the happiness and prosperity of my future

Heather B.
Portland, Oregon

 Absolutely Amazing and Incredibly Accurate

“My Akashic Records Reading with Ivette was absolutely amazing and incredibly accurate! She answered evvery one of my questions with such clarity and knowing. I truly feel that I’ve had a direct spiritual connection with my guides through Ivette’s reading … WOW, quite the experience and one I’d recommend for everybody!”

Dianne M.
Carlsbad, California

nautalusI Am so Grateful for the Guidance

I met with Ivette in September.  I was just about ready to “hit the button” that would take me into retirement.  Ivette strongly suggested I wait until after the first of the year.  In effect, my retirement would not begin until after the first of the year due to vacation and complementary time I had accumulated.  So, I thought she was either flakey or simply didn’t understand the circumstances.  She insisted and was firm that the guidance was to wait.  At any rate, a trip came up and I postponed “hitting the button” until after the trip.  Then another trip came up and I did the same.  In the meantime, I began to hear rumors of a voluntary layoff (which would mean a half year’s pay to me if I got it).  Also, in the meantime, I received a substantial raise which will make quite a difference in my retirement income.  On December 8th, I received an invitation for the voluntary layoff. Had I hit the button in September, I would have really missed out.  I am so grateful for the guidance.  Thank you, Ivette!