concheDear Friends,
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It was a day to remember for me….I had a very heavy heart this Thanksgiving because my daughter, who’s away at college, University of Oregon, was not coming home for Thanksgiving.  But just as we were preparing to sit down to dinner and were ‘faced timing’ her so that she could be included I was shocked and very surprised when in the middle of out conversation she appeared next to me… not as a ghost..hehe.  She and my family surprised me with her coming home.  I was brought to tears with so much joy and gratitude.

Every month I will be asking the Keepers of the Akashic Records what we can expect in terms of the energy of the month ahead and what we can do to best harness and navigate through that energy.

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December will be a very busy time for most. You will not be sure if you’re coming or going and yet there will be a lightness about the month ahead. Where no matter how busy you are happiness is the essence that prevails. You’ll feel light on your feet and really feel the spirit of giving this year especially in your hearts. Where it matters most!  Not only will you feel uplifted but your neighbors, family and friends will also be adding to your lightness. It will benefit you to smile more no matter how busy you are. To take the time to talk to others around you no matter if it’s your family or the clerk at the grocery store. And keep the theme of passing it forward. Whatever you can do to uplift others with your joy and good will. It’s not about gifts. It’s about sharing joy!

I recently ran across this great book called Making Choices by Alexandra Stoddard. 
In her words she says…..
We have the power to direct the course of our lives more than we realize. But one of the reasons we often can’t make up our minds is because we can’t decide what we want to do. So, the first step when we approach any decision is to focus on and clarify what we want.
The ability to make a choice can be life transforming. Nothing is preordained or predestined. It is our personal responsibility to choose for ourselves and live with our decisions. Simply doing so is a step towards freedom. Making choices requires taking the risk of confronting our fears. What if we fail? What are the consequences? Decisions can be terrifying since every time we choose something, we leap into the unknown.
There are only two kinds of choices available to us. First, the active: we make something happen then live with the consequences. Or we may choose to not make a choice; we weigh the facts, decide the price of change is too high and make the choice to live with things as they are. The second kind a choice, the more dangerous, it seems, is a postponement of choice. Procrastination results in apathy, discouragement, and depression. Whenever we turn our backs on what we know we need to do, we turn against our higher self. We forgo the power to do something positive, to turn the situation around, or open new doors. At times we all want to think about problems tomorrow, but we lose sleep unnecessarily because we forfeit facing the truth. Our inability to confront the heart of the matter causes anxiety. Truth is always the right choice. There is no magic in tomorrow, we can think things through rationally today. There are times, many times, when we just have to look truth in the face bite the bullet, no matter how nasty or dirty or unpleasant the situation may be and move on. An amazing paradox is that it is easier to be courageous then to be a coward. Once you get over the initial fear of plunging into the unknown, with all of its dangers of snake traps, the mere fact that you dare to face a hard decision becomes your ally.

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Happy Holidays!