Although our weather does not reflect it Happy Fall to everyone! I love the fall. I just recently had the opportunity to go to Oregon and visit with my daughter, experience the leaves changing, cool crisp air and hot cider. It was so fun, beautiful and yummy!
Every month I will be asking the Keepers of the Akashic Records what we can expect in terms of the energy of the month ahead and what we can do to best harness and navigate our lives in alignment with the energies.

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November 2015

The energy of November is very warm and light. You will, during this time be drawn to spend more time with your family.  We are talking about people who feel like family, not necessarily blood relatives, those people that are closest to your heart.
It will serve us to engage in family type activities …family dinners, game night, movie night or anything that gives you that feeling of what family (even if they are not blood relatives) would feel like.
The point is to spend time doing and experiencing life with others especially extended family… The more the merrier.
It will not serve you to be alone during this time.
Energetically we are all links of the chain. You cannot move one link without affecting the rest.
Vibrationally, spending time with those closest to us and especially engaging in playful activities will be very beneficial for us this month.

Save the date.
I will be doing my very popular Vision Board Workshop on Saturday, February 6th. Stay tuned for more information…..

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May you have a very Blessed Thanksgiving. I personally have much to be grateful for. Especially for each and everyone of you, who read my Channeling’s every month, navigate your lives accordingly and have the opportunity to experience your lives and this world from a better place. A place of Light and Love.