sanddollarHope everyone is enjoying the new year so far…..

Hold onto your hats because the energy of February will be cleansing and fast moving. Some aspect of our lives will undergo a dramatic change. Unexpected, positive and very necessary change. All of this is occurring in order to move out stagnant energy and create the space to be our most magnificent self. Much like a plant covered in dust these unexpected winds of change will come in and clear the dust off so that the plant can grow and be its vibrant self.
Towards mid to months end, life will feel more in the flow. We will also feel more peaceful about the future and where we are headed next.
But in the meantime, remember to embrace, surrender and allow this change to occur. Try not to fight it. Breathe and do all you can to remain centered in the next month. Wake up every morning knowing that all change is leading us towards our highest blessings. When the dust clears we will be that much more lighter, vibrant and ready for all the good that is sure to come our way when you make room for it.

Fyi….. -Vision Board Workshop
Just in time for the New Year

I will be doing my very popular Vision Board Workshop 
Saturday, February 4th.   230 pm to 430pm.

At the Center for Spiritual Living

20.00 dollars

Contact:  310 567 -0243 or

T. Harv Eker wrote…

“The number one reason people don’t get what they want is that they don’t know what they want.  Clarity is critical to success.  Clarity leads to power…..the power to act…which is the basis of achievement, fulfillment, and happiness in life.  Without a clear direction you are either paralyzed or running around in circles. Or worse, you can never reach your full potential because you dare not fully commit.
Vision Boards are a visual tool to help us manifest our desires into reality.
A vision board (also called a Treasure Map ) is typically a poster board on which you paste or collage images that you’ve torn out from various magazines. The idea behind this is that when you surround yourself with images of who you want to become, what you want to have or accomplish, where you want to live or work, or where you want to vacation, your life changes to match those images and those desires. They add clarity to your desires, and feeling to your visions.

During the workshop you will learn how and create your own personal vision board.  You will also learn how to energize those desires with some very specific tips that I have learned from years of success with my own vision boards.

Angel Readings and Akashic Record Readings

I”ll be at Sage Goddess by appointment only… Wednesdays from 3pm to 6pm doing readings.  Come and get clarity on your health, career, family and relationships. To schedule an appointment contact me at 310 567 0243 or email me at  I’ll be available for 15 min, 30 min, or 1hour readings.

Other Services

I also do private Intuitive Counseling, Angel Readings, Astrological Birth Charts, Mentoring and phone readings.
Call me at 310-567-0243 or email me and I’d be happy to set up an appointment for you.
For more info on some of the services I provide check out my website Divine Transitions or Facebook page Divine Transitions.