Allow me to channel through the vehicle of The Akashic Records your Master Teachers, Spirit Guides and Beings of Light that have your highest interest at heart to help you gain insight and perspective on the many aspects of your Soul’s path on this plane.

Your Soul path are intentions set for your journey prior to your incarnation. For each soul comes into this dimension of earth with the intention to grow, transform, experience and evolve beyond the limitations of the human experience.

I will access information about who you are, what you’re multi faceted Soul path is, how to overcome your current challenges, and so much more! Any questions you have asked will be answered in alignment with the Truth of the universe.

By connecting to your Spirit Guides and Higher Self, you will know yourself and others from a much deeper level of understanding. This is an amazing empowering tool to connect you directly with your truth and provide you with details on how to more easily live your purpose in joy and love.

Learn about your relationships, your health, your Soul’s path or any other issues your are face with my gentle and insightful guidance. Bring your questions and realize the answers!

“My Akashic Records Reading with Ivette was absolutely amazing and incredibly accurate! She answered every one of my questions with such clarity and knowing. I truly feel that I’ve had a direct spiritual connection with my guides through Ivette’s reading … WOW, quite the experience and one I’d recommend for everybody!”
Dianne M.
Carlsbad, CA