Divine Transitions Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season and a beautiful transition into the new year.  May 2017 be the year that all of your hearts desire’s manifest with great easy and joy!


The energy of January 2017 will be unstable if we are not paying attention. We are all creating so much fear with our thoughts and our feelings right now, The Keepers want us to Wake up and realize our power in all of this instability. Everything that we are experience comes from some thought or feeling first, so check in with what you are thinking and feeling at all times. Is it yours, or is it something you heard about that created fear? Are our thoughts in alignment with our hearts? Are we being peaceful, giving and kind or are we creating from our fears, unrest and lack?

We get to choose and then create the reality we live in. Choose peace. Choose the highroad of kindness. Check in with yourself are you being your most loving self? Are you judging your self and/or others too harshly? This energy is calling us to be softer towards our self and others. We are all in this together so be kind, be loving, choose to be happy rather than right, agree to disagree.

Let us not be so quick to judge another. Remember, most people operate from their wounds and not from the heart. This energy is also calling us to have more compassion, for ourselves and others. It would  serve us to go on a strict media diet. The media seldom presents the Truth.  The Truth can only be found in our own hearts.
Let’s make the intention to take back our power by following our heart, and softening, it will lead you and the rest of us to more joy, abundance, love and peace… Our birthright!


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